Dark Musings

...to Birth

From your throat her name doeth flow
Through birth to death to birth you know
The streets she dump'd you wander wyld
Leaving dazed a kinder child
In search for truth but finding none
Come up empty look for one
Reason for living in a death tight grip
Flailing instead in a madness slip
In your ears our brood doeth scream
Bringing blood boil and tears of steam
From birth to death to birth you know
A gutter rages behind you low
Your body died but lived again
With the gift you're damned to sin
Take the lead and give up the
Way of ways as given me
Find your own and give this gift
Though only worthy to have our lift
From birth to death to birth we find
The gift of darkness will blow their mind.

weep not

oh how i weep not
for that which I have lost
but unto a course of mine choosing
a measure which drew deaths gaze
and unearthly kiss
i do stagger in the the baneful light
upon knowing what was can never again be
oh how i weep not
for that which i have lost
but for the beast i fear become





The Path

Halls of shadow are the venue,
Wails of sorrow are the choir.
Follow thy hell bound path,
Savor thy funeral pyre.
Life is eternal when loving wrath,
Skip and Dance amidst the fire.

Shadow of a Muse

echoing musings, ravings in time
a brother in sin, a sister in crime
with my reflection, I cannot be free
turning for comfort, my shadow I see
my wispy image, knowing where I've been
carries my burden, it matters not when
stepping from lighting, my mirror is neigh
leaving the worldly, traveling to die
from alley to crypt, is now where I roam
entering darkness, my soul is at home






Septic Sanity

empty of hope, with my space,
too cluttered to contemplate the void,
yearning to be filled.
fulfillment capacity, a joy I can not share,
of loving myself beyond the simple material pleasures,
surrounded by meaningless icons of success.
unbridled doubt, pumped fat with fear,
narrows a tunnel before my eyes growing wide,
spirals and spins me into dispair.
in my heart, in my head,
thickly choaking my willingness to try,
reaching for, grasping at remaining breath.
for mistakes made, not knowing me,
despite not knowing myself,
beyond the tyranny of my own mind cage.
caring, burning yearning,
unable to stop the chittering chattering,
within the rattle box between my ears.
overwhelming abuse, double-edged sword,
desperately feeding on the septic edge of sanity,
keeping in check Reaper's unscheduled hand.

For centuries, mankind has maintained a fascination with the dark and mysterious, yet considered intelligent exploration to be taboo. I pity those that blindly turn away from madness. It is in the exploration of chaos and lunacy that more concrete definitions of sanity can be clarified. I do not reject the amorphous socialization and cultural guidelines, but I often ask questions. I implore the masses to question their perceptions... to ponder the taste of forbidden fruit... to consider gazing beyond the fringe... to be open enough to give utopian dreams a fighting chance. For now I live in a world of darkness, for why else would we propagate chide into a world filled with famine, greed, hate, bigotry and deceit.

Poetry and commentary copyright © rich 1999-2003. All rights reserved.

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