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Publicly and professionally, I tend not to take any prisoners. I value and appreciate team spirit, loyalty, and tenacity. I am a firm believer in "bottom-up" methods of leadership for high-talent, high-performant teams. Bottom-Up Change emerges when managers work at coaching their staff and creating the best conditions they can for individual, team and organisational learning. It's about encouraging innovation at the frontline, enabling employees to find solutions and ideas that will work for them, and learning what it takes to make the change real. Performance always improves when people's contributions are appreciated.

Self-worth is secondary to position and power
Self-worth is primary to personal performance
Actions result from the whims and instructions of bosses
Actions are the outcome of what makes sense to people
Change is structured and feels imposed
Change is adaptive and perceived to be necessary
Energy has to be artificially stimulated from outside
Energy is stimulated naturally from the inside

That said, collective methods of problem solving have their place. My twenty years as an industry consultant have taught me that there is a time and place for collaborative method, extreme process management and empirical decision making.  As a high-availability, emergency-response specialist, I have found that rarely is there time to get consensus in a crisis. Wisdom, calm nerves, and experience are the keys to success when disaster strikes. These are the bedrock foundation that one can count on to determine the proper solution in dire situations. Ideally, with appropriate frontloading and strong contengency measures in place, many self-inflicted situations can be avoided.

My patience with those that would quest for excellence is bottomless. Facing growth opportunities with courage and demonstrating a willingness to change is what distinguishes exceptional talent from good talent.

With that in mind, I don't desire to waste my time with those that practice the art of insanity. Individuals that repeatedly do the same thing and expect different results diminishes individual performance and steals energy from teams. Some behaviors exist due to the absence of appropriate coaching. Quality mentorship can shepherd many out of unsustainable habits. However, unfortunate souls do exist that insist on being part of the problem instead of being part of the solution. Ultimately, those souls get voted off of the island.



In my private life, my partner is my joy.  I am an independent, old spirit nearing the end of one metaphysical journey and happily looking upon each day and activity with excitement and peace.  I enjoy the roles I play as mentor and student of life.

Each day offers something special.  Some experiences are personal and private while some are best shared with a companion.  Like the meals we consume each day, some experiences are fast food to curb a hunger…others are a feast of splendor  that should be shared.

Problems in life often masquerade worse than the true reality.  When one can see past the deception and see beyond the symptoms of a problem, the solution often is clear.  Avoiding distraction and focus on solutions rather than problems can be difficult, but is paramount to success.

My secret to success is confidence in my skills, uncanny ability to learn, and honesty.  Perfection is an ideal… mistakes are inevitable.  How and how quickly one adapts… is the secret and pragmatic method I follow to overcoming adversity.



 My brother is an inspiration and I deeply value our friendship.  In our life, we have never truly fought.  Not once have we raised a hand in anger to the other.  I tribute much of our closeness to the difference in our age.  However, our parents raised us as individuals and at no time were we competitors for affection or compared to each other.

Our victories were shared and we learned we could trust the other in times of need.  He has a wonderful wife and two children with another on the way …and I love them as my own blood.  We are 10 years apart! Can you guess who is older? 

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