Richard Wermske

bioinformatic introduction

My given name is Richard Alan Wermske. On the net, you may have encountered me as Zortek, but I answer to a variety of handles or call-signs depending on where you may find me at play, lurking, or working.

My Alma Mater is the University of Houston. I graduated from the College of Business with B.B.A. in Management Information Systems and European Studies. I maintain a deep respect and appreciation for the mentorship and coaching I received from Dr. Dennis Adams. He is a hero by any definition.

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I have a passion for free expression and desire to focus on intellectual property, cyber crime, and electronic freedom. I am dabbling with the idea of Law School or perhaps going for my MBA. There are virtues to both.

I am 51 years old and I am the pet for four rescue adoptions. Kali is the elder queen with Violet and Ruby as aspiring princesses. Maximus thinks he is boss and I admit to doting on him a bit. There are more special loved ones that have passed; each having secured a special place in my journey. I am a strong advocate for animal rescue and adoptions. If it didn't break my heart, I would probably volunteer in a shelter or foster adoptees. But history has proven that each time I step into a shelter, I leave with a new family member.

I am married and I have a wonderful husband. We have been together now for over fifteen (15) years. We share many interests and our partnership continues to exceed my expectations.

I love to cook...but find that eating out leaves a cleaner kitchen and fewer dirty dishes. "I cook, you clean." is a good house rule and makes for the best of both worlds. However, I have become much more respectful and conservative in my culinary factory. I no longer feel compelled to dirty tools simply because I own them. My styles tend to be heavily influenced by southern indian (Chettinad), spanish (Basque), and western italian (Lazio) cuisine.

While I'm not particularly fond of sweet/savory combinations, my family does and so I frequently will bend toward flavor complexity. While flavor is always at the heart of good cooking, I do believe presentation is important. I can be a bit intollerant of ugly food. If it tastes great but you have to close your eyes to eat it.. it rarely finds its way to my table. I don't like bones on my plate and like them even less in my mouth. Fortunately, I am now a pseudo-vegan (egg-whites and incidental cheese permitted), so I don't worry too much about bones.

I enjoy puzzling my mind with games that stretch the imagination. I work hard, play harder and detest the mundane... but work stays at the workplace and play stays at the playplace. I am committed to my career and the love of the industry that drives me to excel. Many have commented on my "right-brained" capabilities to spacially decipher challenges or untangle complex tasks. I put extra effort in overcoming communication barriers between people with spacial and linear cognitive psychology.

"I will forgive ignorance in the ignorant, but stupidity should be sought out and destroyed at all times and in all places —
for what's worse than seeing truth, knowing truth, yet refusing truth?"

— rich wermske, CNN 1993

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